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What's Wrong With Ecumenism?

"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine,
but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears,
they will heap up for themselves teachers,
and they will turn their ears AWAY FROM THE TRUTH,
and be turned aside to fables."
2 Timothy 4:3-4

The Bible foretells that in the last days there will come a global government and a global religion. To understand this thoroughly one must delve into the mysterious writings of the Book of Revelation. It is not my purpose here to exegete that. If the reader desires to know more on this, there is a vast amount of literature about it on the internet. My point here is to explain HOW ecumenism is setting the stage for the last-days global religion, which the Bible calls the "harlot."

What is a harlot?

A harlot is a woman who is intimate with any man anywhere. She gives herself to all.

The apostate church of the last days is going to be the religion that joins all faiths together under the banner of tolerance and mutual acceptance. "Let's focus on what we do have in common," the harlot will say, "and just be tolerant on the points on which we disagree."

That sounds good, doesn't it? Warm and fuzzy good. But it's harlotry.

There are multitudes of religions upon this poor earth, but most of them have a lot in common. The top-most characteristic shared by all is charity; and most have a well-defined system of morality. On these points they will all agree.

But there is one, namely Christianity, which differs from them all in that Jesus Christ says plainly that he came to bear the judgment due on man's sins. He is the only one who can make this claim. Mohammed didn't die for anyone. Joseph Smith didn't die for anyone. Buddha didn't die for anyone. Jesus, and he alone came to die to bear the judgment for man's sins. And the Bible clearly teaches that without that atonement man is lost. I repeat: without that atonement man is LOST.

Jesus made many claims. Foremost among them is his declaration that there is NO OTHER WAY to the Father except through him. That means you cannot approach God through Mohammed, or through anyone other than Jesus, including Mary the mother of Jesus, or through anyone "saintly" enough to be canonized by the Roman Catholic church. Jesus's claims are exclusionary and if one follows Jesus he  must forsake all others. Believers in Jesus are called by the Scriptures "the Bride of Christ." To try to approach God any other way is HARLOTRY.

And that's the point. Ecumenism is trying to unite people of different faiths under one umbrella, and it is foretold that it's going to succeed in the last days global religion - but that it will be a harlot religion.

"Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ?
Shall I then take the members of Christ and make them members of a harlot?
Certainly not!
Or do you not know that he who is joined to a harlot is one body with her?"
1 Corinthians 6:15-16

"Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?"
Amos 3:3

"Do not be UNEQUALLY YOKED TOGETHER with unbelievers.
For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness?
And what communion has light with darkness?"
2 Corinthians 6:14

You might say, "well they aren't unbelievers." No, it's worse than that. They believe in other gods. And that's harlotry.

For years we couldn't imagine the world's religions coming together. Their doctrines were too far apart, and it seemed that this Bible prediction was impossible to come about. But what is happening before our eyes is that they are setting aside their doctrines for the sake of "unity."

What are some of these doctrines?

Islam believes in Jesus. At least that's what they'll tell you. They believe he is going to come back with the Islamic "mahdi," Islam's version of the Messiah, and that he is going to bring all of the world together under the banner of Islam. And another part they WON'T tell you, is that he is going to then destroy all the Jews and Christians. And then, ready for this? he will die and be buried next to Mohammed. Islam teaches the principle they call "teqiyyah," which is lying to non-muslims until they're hooked. They are taught to conceal the truths that most people wouldn't buy, so you lie to them about those things until they've been indoctrinated.

But they won't tell you that. They know that if they tell you they believe in Jesus, that's all most will need to hear in order to accept them.

The Mormons will tell you they believe in Jesus, too. But what they won't tell you is that they believe that he is a created being, and that his birth was the result of physical sex between God and and a goddess wife who came from another world. And that God wasn't always God, but that he was a being from a planet in a star system called Kolob. You can bet they won't be telling you that, in fact they are told NOT to tell people the parts that will sound crazy to them. They believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers and God liked Jesus's plan best so Satan rebelled. They believe that God and his goddess produce spirit offspring in heaven who then come and inhabit bodies on earth. They won't tell you these things until they've hooked you, which they do by their endearing characteristics of clean living, morality, and winsome ways. How could they be grossly wrong? people would ask. Well if that's ok to you, then you will probably be one who will be part of the last days ecumenical harlot religion.

These are two of the main religions that have been in the news these days, but of course there are many, many more. But under the gentle and loving persuasion of the pope of Rome, they will all be brought together in a unity never before seen upon the earth, laying aside their doctrines for the sake of unity. The harlot religion. It's in the making right now.

And that's what's wrong with ecumenism.

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